It’s what sets us apart.

With Top Law Firms, Universities, Scientists, and Researchers.

Of multiple medical and scientific disciplines, from medicine and science to new technologies.

Studies estimate learning is as much as 80% visual. We know the best way to focus the viewer on the subject matter to maximize learning.


Who is your audience? It’s the most important question we ask our clients. If we know who your viewers will be, we’ll be able to get your message across in the most effective way.

  • An attorney settles a case without going to trial.
  • A juror understands the complexities of a surgical technique.
  • A scientist successfully presents research data at a national meeting.
  • A medical research team submits graphics to a journal for publication.
  • A pharmaceutical executive finds illustrations for an advertising campaign.
  • A patient understands her illness through a patient education brochure.
  • A museum develops a science exhibit to stimulate curiosity, thought and excitement.
  • An aerospace engineer submits an image of a revolutionary new concept for funding.

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